Sports Investigations

Sport is renowned for embodying some of the highest and most inspiring of human ideals. Few other pursuits activate the passion with which sport is played and followed. For many people, sport delivers release from the shady aspects of life. However, this shining image is threatened by corrupt practices around doping, match-fixing and other activities; some with links to illegal gambling and organised crime.

With the development of sport as a global industry and an increasing number of high profile cases threatening the reputation of sport, there is a greater demand for regulation, investigation and corrective action.

This is where Sterling can help. We have the experience and expertise within this specialised field. Working directly for sporting organisations, or in support of lawyers engaged by them, we conduct thorough and, yet, discreet investigations.

We anticipate that the demand for our services will increase as a result of recent developments within the sporting fraternity, especially with regard to:

  • Historical football sexual abuse recently reported
  • Increasing number of whistle-blowers
  • International doping allegations
  • Governance and child protection issues
  • The new Code on Sports Governance
  • The continuing US investigation into FIFA
  • New requirements from sport’s governing bodies, often linked to funding criteria
  • Increasing number of cases re. legal requirement for a reasonable duty of care within sport

Overall, enquiries received have predominately been preventative measures designed to protect reputation and integrity. Sterling is able to conduct audits which help demonstrate your duty of care and can identify areas of weakness and potential concern. Discrete and comprehensive reports are provided with practical recommendations.

If you have a concern, contact Sterling for a confidential discussion.