Security Assessment and Surveys

Security Surveys

A Security Survey is a thorough physical examination of a facility and its operations with respect to personnel and company assets. We examine the risks these assets are exposed to, and review the measures that are in place to protect them and to mitigate liability. We identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations on how these can be improved. This can be relevant for new locations or existing facilities, particularly after a loss or incident has occurred.

Security Audits

A Security Audit differs from a survey in that it is a process to assess whether an existing security system and procedures are operating to set of standards or criteria they were designed to. It evaluates the administration of the system, security awareness of employees, the management controls and compliance with standards. This is a valuable tool to give an accurate overview to the senior management.

What are your security risks? Have you reviewed them lately? Most organisations have not—and when there is a review it comes after a security issue.

We identify areas of vulnerability, and make recommendations for improvement compatible with the needs of your organisation in the following areas:

  • Emergency planning and preparedness
  • Loss prevention
  • Physical security
  • Protection of sensitive information
  • Security equipment
  • Security management

You may wish to consider a Security Survey if you are looking to purchase new business premises. Sterling’s surveys include assessing the property out of normal operational hours (night time).

On completion of our investigation, we provide you with a comprehensive which includes our recommendations for security improvements. These recommendations are provided in a simple tiered format based on the priority of need as derived from our analysis.