About Us

Sterling Investigation Services Limited is a client-led organisation that provides specialist investigation services. That is, Sterling is not only responsive to a client’s specific needs, it was created by directors from various industries that understood the importance of relating ‘investigation’ to the commerciality and nuances of operating in different business sectors.

In this respect, Sterling’s ‘USP’ is that we can provide greater context by understanding the operations of the business and how the ‘concern’ might impact upon it; thereby, we are in a better position to recommend appropriate responsive measures.

Sterling’s founders have operated at Board level with director responsibilities for Operations, Commercial, Health & Safety, HR/Employment Law, and Finance. Recognising the need for specialist investigation skills, these “Captains of Industry” banded together and acquired a small professional investigations company, J&G Business Services Limited. This company became the platform for the expansion and development of what is today, Sterling Investigations Limited; a professional provider of specialist investigation services.

Unfortunately, the investigation industry is unregulated and within the UK operates without the requirement of a licence. Therefore, whilst other investigation organisations exist, some are opportunists and unscrupulous in the way that they operate.

Whoever you may choose to provide you with investigative services, we strongly recommend that you look out for the ABI accreditation. It is the only Investigations body that is endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales; included in the Law Society of Scotland approved supplier scheme; and recognised by the DVLA.

Our experience and skills lie within Corporate Investigation rather than the private individual.

Based in London, UK, we regard ourselves as a ‘global player’. A significant number of our clients are either resident abroad or UK clients requiring us to undertake substantial international travel.

Why Use Sterling investigations?

  • We are client-focused and client-led; we understand your business.
  • We treat all enquires in the strictest confidence and utmost discretion.
  • We hold £1m indemnity insurance.
  • We have an excellent success rate.
  • We are professional in all that we do and only employ qualified and experienced operatives.
  • We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.
  • Ultimately, we provide peace of mind and a service that is cost-effective.